Igniting Faith Devotional - Get OnE!

We have an exciting devotional planned for the new year.  We are going to go through a 40-day devotional as a church family in January to start the new year with fresh eyes of faith.  Steve and Wendy Backlund have written an amazing daily devotional along with faith-filled declarations to speak over our lives.  To prepare for January, please get a copy of the book either online or purchase one at church for $10.  


Financial Stewardship Class

City Life Basement Classroom   |   Jan. 21st & 28th, 8:45-9:45 a.m.

Do you have financial goals for the new year?  Do you long to see your resources from God's perspective?  Join us for a two week class before church service to start your path towards financial freedom.


Women's Renewal

The Plaza   |   Jan. 26th & 27th  

Ladies, join us for our annual overnight on the Plaza! In the span of 24 hours, you can have the chance to build friendships, grow deeper with God and find out more about who God has called you to be. It’s such a short time, 24 hours, but we believe it could change everything.  Register now!